Voorburg Group on Service Statistics

For over 30 years, representatives from national statistical agencies have met to address selected problems in statistical methods. The Voorburg Group derives its name from the city in Netherlands where it first met in 1987. The experience with the Voorburg Group has shown that the international community can benefit greatly from such a process. These informal consultative groups are an innovative way to use country resources to improve and speed up the international standards development process.

The mission of the Voorburg Group on Services Statistics is to establish and maintain an internationally comparable methodology for measuring output and producer price indexes for the service industries. We focus on the development of concepts and methods, the sharing of best practices, and identification of classification needs. The Voorburg Group has contributed over the years to building up and sharing a considerable and growing body of knowledge of Service Sector Statistics. It has prompted international cooperation in the development of standards and has assisted in resolving statistical and measurement challenges in the Service Sector.

At this site you can search for all the papers presented at every meeting, view the agenda and participants for all meetings and get the latest Voorburg Group News.

The Reference Documents tab contains the Voorburg Group's Strategic Plan, Content Development Framework, Glossary, and Thesaurus, as well as international recommendations and manuals on national accounting and price measurement.

Next Meeting

The 38th meeting of the Voorburg Group on Service Statistics will be hosted by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (ICBS) and will be held solely as virtual meetings on March, 5, 7, 19 and 21, 2024. The tentative agenda for the next meeting is currently being planned. It includes an industry issues paper for Education. Cross-cutting topics to be discussed at the next meeting include reoptimizing/updating samples for PPI including initial recruitment of reporting companies, the use of PPI time series of countries from which we import products/services as a proxy, production of a deflated index of turnover, innovative methods for capturing quality change, among other things. A collaborative guidance paper on SPPI and output compilation during economic shocks will also be presented.

Details regarding the agenda are available at the following link.

For further information on the Voorburg Group, please contact the co-chairs:

Marcus Friden
Statistics Sweden
E-mail: Marcus.Friden@scb.se
Bonnie Murphy
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
E-mail: Murphy.Bonnie@bls.gov
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